Image of 101 Things to do in Bongolia - 17 Tracks! (Compilation CD) On Sale

101 Things to do in Bongolia - 17 Tracks! (Compilation CD)


On Sale

Featuring songs from Electric Cowbell's first year of 7" releases plus bonus tracks and remixes! Wow!

Also available digitally!
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Human Happiness
Superhuman Happiness

02. Adderech Arada
Debo Band

03. Let My People Bugalú (Clay Holley and Jeff Dynamite Remix)
Spanglish Fly

04. Dina's Mambo
Bio Ritmo

05. GMYL
Superhuman Happiness

06. I Gettupa
Amazing Ghost

07. Silbando (GRC Remix)
Los Ribereños

08. Hounds
Superhuman Happiness

09. Majadero (That Little Chimps Remix)
Bio Ritmo

10. Tiny Raindropz
Amazing Ghost

11. Cosmic Attidude

12. Adderech Arada (Kiddid Remix)
Debo Band + Kiddid

13.La Muralla
Bio Ritmo

14. String Theory (GRC Vocal Remix)
Superhuman Happiness vs. Sahr Ngaujah

15. A Troll's Soirée (Chimp Beams Remix)
CSC Funk Band

16. Freddie's Tea (Dif Juz DUB)
Greg Ginn and The Taylor Texas Corrugators vs. ENE

17. Gravity
Superhuman Happiness vs Sahr Ngaujah

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