'Cidade da Selva' Fachada LP (deluxe Gatefold Edition)


Cidade Da Selva - There are a million stories in a naked city…
In this sequel to Fachada’s "Mundos Secretos," "Cidade Da Selva" tells 16 of these stories. After departing the secret world of "Mundos Secretos," this new album, "Cidade Da Selva," by Fachada, sets new tones, delving deeper into the afro-noir diaspora, re-interpreting soul, funk, afro, Brazilian and deep jazz. Each tune is a vignette - altogether examining and immersing into the margins of imagination and magic. This album goes on a journey of retrospection through multicultural and site specific sounds; evoking visions and the spirit of a time and place in a mysterious jungle city.

Fachada is the musical persona of autodidact, musician, and visionary artist Rob Smith. A D.C. native, Smith grew up on the sounds of the local 70s radio, immersed in funk, R&B, jazz, hip hop, and the city’s trademark Go-Go music. By the late 70s and early 80s he found himself at the center of DC’s emerging punk/DIY music scene; going to shows, drumming in bands, and being an artist at the ground zero of the city’s zeitgeist. A chance discovery of a stack of discarded Brazilian records at the city dump one day proved to be a catalyst, offering him a fortuitous portal to a “secret world” of rhythm and sound.