Image of Superhuman Happiness / CSC Funk Band 7" 45rpm
Image of Superhuman Happiness / CSC Funk Band 7" 45rpm
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Superhuman Happiness / CSC Funk Band 7" 45rpm


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Superhuman Happiness is the musical love of Stuart Bogie's life (tenor sax player of Antibalas and all-around awesome dude.) Using layered horns and funky guitar and bass lines, electronic beets and blurps, Human Happiness will make you shake your Superhuman ass happily. This track is sounding like a cross between funkish afro-beat-tinged beats with some Zappa's Yellow Shark mixed in for good street measure.

CSC brings the horns, the rhythm and the swagger like it's 1972. This track, from the band's forthcoming 7" split with Superhuman Happiness, grooves with an easy gait as tight brass takes center stage. Clocking in at just a little over the 3-minute mark, this funky instrumental could easily be the theme song of a new Brooklyn-based cop show. Close your eyes and let CSC take you undercover with a new breed of cop show funk!

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